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 Aruba Travel Information

Whether this is going to be your first Aruba vacation or your 12th, I invite you to browse through the information I've written for you. Take it from someone who has been back and forth to Aruba at least a FIFTEEN times. I love the island of Aruba! And the people!

Why Travel to Aruba?

Travelling to Aruba is not like you're travelling to a far-away place and feeling like a foreigner. Aruba's the kind of place that makes you feel you never left home because it offers you the same  comforts you enjoy; plus you get the bonus of a really exhilarating vacation. Imagine the crystal blue waters (sometimes they're turquoise), the white powdery sand, the gentle breeze and the smiling faces of Arubans and their visitors from all over the world. And for its size, Aruba has something for everyone. Travelling alone, with the whole family or with a large group, Aruba gives you that VIP treatment without you ever having to ask for it.

 aruba vacationWhen you travel to Aruba from New York, you'll do about 1,961 miles (3,150 kilometers) and you get there in less than five hours. Many Aruba vacationers don't even need to adjust to jet lag! Besides, how can you even think of jet lag? As soon as you step off your plane, there's this exciting feeling that grips you right away. You've arrived at one of the best Caribbean islands ever. You don't have to worry about hurricanes, by the way, because Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt.

Before your Aruba Vacation

My suggestion is to learn a bit of Aruba history because you'll get to appreciate the significance of Aruba's historic monuments and structures, and how the presence of the Dutch shaped the island's development. The ruins, the remnants of a once thriving oil refinery field, the windmills and hearing the locals speak Papiamento come together beautifully, giving you a taste of Aruba's history. Speaking of taste, check out Aruba Restaurants.

You may also like to tuck in a few phrases in Papiamento into your travel book (although many Arubans speak English, Dutch, Spanish, French and German):

First, my favorite phrase: Mi stima Aruba- I love Aruba

Here are other useful words and phrases:

Your Aruba Vacation Begins!

Most first time tourists to Aruba take to the water. And with good reason. They ask, where are those famous beaches of Aruba? Did you know that this island has some of the most beautiful and majestic beaches in the Caribbean? And there are about 19 of them, each with their unique characteristics. Some beaches are meant for swimming and lazing around, some meant for snorkelling and some for diving and windsurfing. You can actually say, "I want a beach with strong waves and strong winds" or "I want a beach that's safe for my kids to swim." Aruba's got the answer. And, if you vacation at an Aruba all inclusive resort, you will pay one fee and have all of your food and drinks paid for up front.

If you want to go scuba diving, snorkelling or do the popular snuba (a happy marriage of scuba and snorkelling), you can sign up with tour operators which we describe here.

And if you like some hand holding as you discover this Caribbean gem, why not join the efficient organized tours offered by courteous and professional tour operators - either on an air conditioned motor coach or in a jeep - all very well equipped to handle the outbacks? You can request hotel pick up and some tours include a lunch box package. Most tours take you to the famous gold mines, the natural pool, the Alto Vista Chapel, the California Lighthouse, De Palm Island and many, many other places of interest.

Aruba Attractions: from fast food to high-end dining & the gambling life!

Aruba is kind to all budgets. American fast food joints are everywhere - you'll find plenty in downtown Oranjestad and if you like eating a few steps from the water where you can dangle your toes and listen to the splashing of the waves, all you need is to wear your favorite outfit and go. You may need to dress a little more formally if you're planning to have a romantic dinner at a high end restaurant.

Casinos to end your day? Why not? Take your pick from any of the casinos we've listed here. Aruba has more casinos than you can imagine and many are located in five-star hotels.

Please visit this Aruba travel site often and tell your friends and family about it if they're planning an Aruba vacation soon.

Someone asked me, when's the best time to plan an Aruba vacation? My answer is any time! Aruba's weather is glorious all year round (average annual temperature is about 82 degrees F). Yes, it can be hot some days but the constant breeze takes your mind off the heat.

The number of visitors could peak during mid-December to mid-April and this is when you need to book a hotel and your activities ahead of time. During off-season, you could get generous discounts on hotels and restaurants but you'll need to shop around. In case you were wondering, "off-season" in Aruba does not equate with "quiet" or "fewer people." Because it's an island resort, it feels like Aruba never sleeps…

For all of your Aruba travel needs, nothing says vacation like an Aruba All Inclusive.

There is nothing on Earth like an Aruba Vacation!