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A New Oranjestad

Downtown Aruba

You may go to Aruba looking to lay out on the beach and splash around in the water, but you'lloranjestad also want to set aside some time to roam around Oranjestad. Oranjestad, which is named after Dutch royalty and boasts beautiful Dutch architecture, is Aruba's founding city, and although it is already a fabulous destination, it is currently going through a makeover to improve the overall experience for visitors.

Although it can be easy to go from the hotel to the beach and back again, Oranjestad has been a cultural and commercial center that shouldn't be missed even prior to the work that is currently being put into the city. Oranjestad has some of the finest shopping. It has stores for just about anybody, and after a day of shopping it is easy to show off new clothing, shoes, or jewelry at one of the fine restaurants or lounges. Outside of the wonderful dining, Oranjestad has a booming night life. There are casinos, clubs, live music, and much more live entertainment to be found. Oranjestad is also where many of Aruba's tours depart from, and these tours give visitors a chance to view Aruba from land, air, or sea. There are also boats that take visitors to private islands for a day of relaxation by the water.

Between all of the attractions, amenities, and beautiful Dutch architecture, it can be easy to wonder why Aruba is undergoing such a change, but the answer is easy: convenience. As currently laid out, Oranjestad can be a little tough to navigate. Between poor sight lines and a dearth of signs, exploring the city can become discouraging for first timers. To ease urban exploration Oranjestad has installed an open air tram. This energy efficient tram can provide a good overview of the city, and make it easier for those new to Aruba to find the sections and attractions that best suit them. The tram will also offer tourists a good way to easily get away from the hotel and into the heart of Aruba. There are also plans to open up Oranjestad's water front. This will improve Oranjestad's aesthetic appeal, and give visitors a great first look at the beauty of Oranjestad and Aruba as a whole.

If you've been thinking about vacationing in Aruba there has never been a better time. The shopping, nightlife, and dining coupled with the luxurious beaches make it the perfect destination for people of all types. The makeover that Oranjestad is currently going through with make it even easier for tourists and visitors to navigate their way throughout the island, and you will now be able to get from your hotel to the heart of Oranjestad quicker and easier than ever.